Leroy Casual

An Enlightening Biography

W Leroy Casual

Chef Casual's interest in food began at an early age. Mainly because he needed it to live. He was five years old when he first picked up a spatula and he hasn't put it down since, which has led to a lot of teasing. "Hey, spatula boy! Why don't you go flip some pancakes you fucking nerd?" they would say.
Undeterred by the callous remarks of his peers, young Leroy set out to study the techniques of the culinary masters he saw on public access television, vowing to one day count himself amongst their ranks. He continued to expand his repetoire, learning the fine arts of dump meals, meat salads, and cooking with the microwave. He got a B- in middle school Home Economics.
As a young man, Casual's hard work finally started to pay off as he began racking up accolades. He was awarded Employee of the Month at the Dollar General, rated third best cook at the local soup kitchen, and his spaghetti and meatballs beat Chef Boyardee in a blind taste test. Never content to rest on his laurels, he has traveled the world extensively in an effort to learn the secrets of international cuisines from such far off, exotic locales as Ohio and Canada.
Leroy has worked in the kitchens of places as unsophisticated as Denny's all the way up to the classiest Michelin starred restaurants washing dishes. He would like me to inform you that since he's already a world renowned chef super star, he's decided to challenge himself by making his own website so as to share his indelible gastronomy with the world. That's why this page looks like baby's first HTML project.